CronBuzz api can be used to programmatically manage monitors, tags and
notification lists in a team.

The team must have an active subscription to make api calls.

We currently do not impose any rate limit for the API. But we deserve the right to impose rate limits or deny api access to users whom we might identify as abusing the API.


To make api calls, You must first obtain an API key. To obtain an API Key,

  • Login to cronbuzz
  • click on your profile image
  • click on your profile link
  • under "API tokens", click on create API token button.
  • enter a name for the api token
  • click on create api token
  • copy the api token displayed.

Copy the API token displayed and save it securely. We won't show the api token again. If you ever loose the api token, You need to create a new token.


CronBuzz api uses Bearer token based authorization. So all the requests made to cronbuzz must contain the API key as a bearer token authorization header.

All the requests made to API should contain the following header.

Authorization: Bearer <your-api-token>

Base Endpoint

All the api requests has the following base url.

API Base: https://app.cronbuzz.com/api/<team_key>

Make sure to replace <team_key> with your team key. team_key represents the team key on which you are making requests to. You can retrieve the team key from team settings page.

API Documentation

For all the supported API endpoints, and their payload formats, Please check full api documentation.