what is CronBuzz?

CronBuzz is a monitoring tool for your cron jobs and scheduled tasks. CronBuzz monitors your scheduled tasks and alerts you if it detects a problem. Some of your services where you can use cronbuzz monitoring tool are

  • cron jobs
  • jenkins jobs
  • kubernetes cron jobs
  • windows task schedulers
  • aws scheduled events
  • daemon workers
  • laravel scheduled commands

How monitoring works?

When you create a new monitor in cronbuzz, The monitor status will be turned to NEW and you will be given two unique ping urls.

Your cron job or scheduled task should ping the first url at the beginning of your script and the next url at the end of the script.

You will also be provided with a ping url to report cron job failures. Please follow our detailed installation instructions.

Once your cron job starts sending us pings, We will start monitoring the pings and notify you if we did not receive a ping as per schedule, or your cron job reports failure.

How cronbuzz sends alerts?

Cronbuzz currently sends alerts via email, slack, discord, pagerduty, opsgenie, victorops and webhooks.