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Continuous monitoring for your cron jobs, jenkins jobs, AWS scheduled events, kubernetes cron jobs, windows scheduled tasks, etl jobs and laravel scheduled commands.

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How it works?

  • Create Monitor

    Create a monitor in cronBuzz. We will provide you unique ping urls for you to ping from your cron jobs or scheduled tasks.

  • Ping CronBuzz From Your Cron job

    Ping cronBuzz urls from your cron jobs at the beginning and end of your code. We also have official packages for popular programming languages to send pings easily.

  • Receive Alerts

    We will alert you when we don't receive pings on time or if your cron job is throwing exceptions.

When do we alert you?

We will alert you as soon as we detect any kind of problem with your critical cron jobs and scheduled tasks.

  • Monitor is down

    If your cron job or background tasks ever goes down or stops working, We will alert you immediately.

  • Monitor is running longer

    If your cron jobs or scheduled tasks are running longer than usual, We will notify you immediately.

  • Monitor is overlapped

    We will notify you if your monitor is overlapping. (cron job is running longer than the time difference between its schedule ).

  • Monitor is duplicated

    If your monitor is running more than once per schedule or running on more than one server, We will alert you immediately.

  • Monitor is throwing exceptions

    If your background tasks are throwing exceptions, We will instantly notify you with the exception message.

  • Monitor failed silently

    We will notify you if your cron jobs or scheduled tasks are failing silently without any exceptions.

How do we send alerts?

We will instantly notify you when your critical scheduled tasks and background jobs fail. We currently send alerts via email, slack, discord, pagerduty, opsgenie, victorops and webhooks.

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What we monitor?

We monitor your cron jobs, jenkins jobs, kubernetes cron jobs, AWS scheduled events, windows task schedulers, ETL jobs, php scheduled tasks and laravel scheduled commands.

Cron jobs

We will send you instant alerts when your cron jobs stopped working.

Jenkins jobs

When your jenkins jobs are not working as expected, We will alert you immediately.

Kubernetes cron jobs

We will instantly alert you if your kubernetes cron jobs are executing on time.

AWS Scheduled events

When your AWS scheduled events are failing, We will instantly alert you.

Windows task schedulers

When your windows task schedulers are not working as expected, We will alert you.

ETL jobs

We will instantly alert you when your etl jobs or data pipelines are not working as expected.

Laravel scheduled commands

We will alert you when your laravel scheduled commands are not working.

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We Got More!

Team Support

Invite your team members and collaborate with them on the shared dashboard.

You can also create an entirely different team and collaborate with different set of users.

  • Unlimited Users

    We offer unlimited users. So you can bring in your entire team.

  • Readonly Users

    Give read only access to users so they cannot alter your monitors. Perfect for monitoring bots.

Intelligent Dashboard

Stay ahead of your cron jobs with our intelligent dashboard. We provide critical metrics and your upcoming cron job runs in one single dashboard.

  • Monitor Aggregates

    We aggregate your monitors based on their status and display them on your dashboard. You can have clear insights on how many of your monitors are healthy and how many are having issues.

  • Upcoming Cron Job Runs

    We display your upcoming cron job runs including their date and time so you can keep your team updated and watch for any issues you may see.

  • Recent Runs

    We display a list of recent cron job runs on your dashboard so you can have a quick overview of the cron jobs which are executed recently and their status.

Cron Job Logs

We provide insights into your cron job logs to help you quickly identify why a cron job failed.

  • Cron Job Logs

    We record any log information you send to us while your cron job is running and display it to you when needed.

  • Run History

    We save 2000 historical run entries per monitor. So you can comeback and check the run history along with their log data when ever you wish.

Frequently asked questions

How to enable monitoring for a cron job?
To enable monitoring for a cron job, You can use our official package for the programming language you use, or you can send pings directly. For more details, Please see the Installation guide.
Do you offer a free trial?
Yes. We do have a 7-day free trial on all of our plans. No credit card is required to sign up for free trial.
Do you offer pricing in local currency?
Yes we do. You will automatically billed in your local currency when you subscribe for a plan. You will not incur any foreign transaction fee.
Is my payment information secure?
Yes. We process payments with paddle.com who stores your payment information securely.
Do you charge sales tax?
We process payments via paddle.com and depending on your location, You might be charged extra for sales tax.
What are the payment methods you accept?
We accept most credit and debit cards. We also offer payments via paypal.
Do you provide refunds?
We currently do not provide refunds. However every plan comes with a free trial and you can cancel the subscription any time you wish.
What happens if i exceed my current monitors limit?
If you exceed your current monitors limit, We will automatically upgrade your subscription to the next highest plan to provide uninterrupted services.

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